środa, 28 października 2009

Just ballast

Natt-SM. I knew it will be a challenge: 90’ in detailed area, on scale 1:15000, but it was worse. I mean better:) Challenge grew up, when I saw this stony area. During the course I was thinking like amateur: find all controls and come alive. 28th place is not important, just alive.
Two days later THE LAST RACE of 2009 has come: Sista sträcka på Smalandskavlen. Won Kalevan Rasti. Orion take 9th place. Emil Wingstedt (Halden SK) on last leg did 67’34”- it’s real good. The rest is just ballast. You can see my GPS route here.

poniedziałek, 5 października 2009

Polish Champs

Last weekend were Polish Championships in night and relay. They were good, as for polish condition. For me the map was not enough detailed (especially green areas) and this dypoloms :)
DYPOLOM -should be dyplom
go-go (photo by picasaweb.google.pl/lublin.bno)
unexpected winner (photo by picasaweb.google.pl/lublin.bno)
when ladies are happy (photo by picasaweb.google.pl/lublin.bno)
hej Śląsk! (photo by kajo)