środa, 13 stycznia 2010

The worst prizes of 2009

It was in June: Polish Championships in long distance.
First place Robert Banach 89'01" , second me 90'27"
, third Richert Marcin 95'20"
Usually I don't care about a prize, but this time it looked as if someone was clearing old magazine. You can't just go to the shop and bay mouse with PS2 connection, becouse they stopped selling it couple years ago.
Polish Champs, the most important competition in the country...
... it would be better not to give anything. Shame.

sobota, 9 stycznia 2010

Yes! CISM 2010

All the O-soldiers should be happy. We will have orienteering CISM this year.
Date: 16-21.08.2010
Place: Kongsberg, Norway.

sobota, 2 stycznia 2010

2009: four weeks of illness

Results: Spring Cup - classic: 5th, 10mila: OK Orion 12th, Jukola: OK Orion 8th, WOC: sprint 14th, relay 6(9)th, Polish Champs: 5 medals, CISM: long 12th, middle 10th, relay 7th, Smalandskavlen: OK Orion 9th.

2009 was my best year. I’m satisfied of my shape. Especially that my life shape came on WOC and Military WOC (MWOC). I’m full of mental energy for next year.

I could change only one thing: 4 weeks of illness for 4 weeks of hard training. All I need is more health!