wtorek, 17 czerwca 2008

Finnish course planers are the best

Jukola was and still is the best relay for me. Not only because starts there more teams, but also because the course planner can do more interesting "individual" relay. This is the relay where you really have to think by your self. Here you can find some point with a group of runners and be sure that if this one is not yours, yours is more than 100m (10mia:(.
Orion was 27th. It's not so bad- relay was tuff. I'm happy with my race. Hard Finnish forest and I could find my place there. In 85'34” I can run 14km and lost only 5'46” to the best guys. Yes, this guys that take medals on WOC, EOC, WC.
You can see my route choices here. First choose leg (7th) than choose *runners (those with * wrote their route choices).
You can find more fun here. GPS tracks of the best runners

wtorek, 10 czerwca 2008


Relay Polish Championchips won Flota Gdynia (grrrr...) /Grabowski, Nowak, Richert/. Śląsk Wrocław were second /Sokalski, Dwojak, Kowalski/. Competition was good, (not great - sprint, not heavenly - middle), just good.

sobota, 7 czerwca 2008

Polish middle like in Czech

Great terrain and great map. This was real Czech middle distance. This kind of race is rare in Poland. We are used to easy reces and this time we got something difficult. The winner made about 5' mistake. I was second with 7,5'. Third runner did about 8,5'. It means the best men don't know how to use their physical power in hard terrain. To learn that, we need years, but Word Champs are in 5 weeks...
results from Polish Champs

piątek, 6 czerwca 2008

Have I punched it or not?!

Polish Champs in sprint distance were in Wroclaw ZOO. Because there were so many people, I felt like on PWT or WC. Probably they didin't know what we were doing there and what it's orienteering. They just came to see the animals.
I was the fastest on this competition (39" better than the winner), BUT:) after the finish I realized that I don't have 13th point! I must have been very tired at that moment of the course - I don't remember I punched it or not. Girl that was looking after the point is sure I punched it. How it was real? I will never know.

wtorek, 3 czerwca 2008

EOC relay

Polish Team was 24th (18'35" after Russia). This race we don't add to good races. I'm little happy, because we had a chance to run in strange tarrain - 70% of the corse was on the sand (dunes, desert).