sobota, 31 stycznia 2009


In January i did 56,7 hour of training (47,3h: low intensity 38h, middle 8,8h, high 0,4h). In this running/skiing 43h, orienteering 4,3h and other activitis 9,5h (swimming, biking, floorhokey, gym). I'm glad.

sobota, 24 stycznia 2009

Night-O ninja

Night-O is always little challenge for me. Especially in the fog, when you can see 10-15 meters. On this course I couldn’t find only first point.
Two weeks ago I had night-O in -17 Celsius. Ninja is ready:

poniedziałek, 19 stycznia 2009

poniedziałek, 12 stycznia 2009

shape before 55

Hello in 2009 and I wish you a pleasant flight through next 365 days. I have been writing this blog for more than year. Through this time I did couple of good trainings. Now some statistics: 454 hours of training = 274h (60%) running without map + 94h (21%) orienteering + 86h (19%) other activities. When I compare it with three last seasons, I’m training more and more. I hope, I’ll get the top shape before will be 55 …