piątek, 14 stycznia 2011


My training time in 2010 was more or less the same as last two years. Nothing has change, except results. I was able to finish the CISM middle distance 1'02" after Thierry Gueorgiou and be faster than many other good runners. I will try to keep this different in future.

środa, 5 stycznia 2011

Wroclaw Night O-fight - round 2

Second race of Wroclaw Night O-fight took a place in the Kuzniki estate, where is a lot of similar buildings. I was a course planner and I used a type of butterfly, which I first time meet on CISM 2010 in Kongsberg. This butterfly has four possibilities. I had a lot of mess on the start (intervall 30"), but runners had much more on their ways.

If you want to see, how was on WNOF round1, watch it:
/thanks to Marta&Wojtek and their new head camera/