czwartek, 30 kwietnia 2009

boring or exciting

Lonely, fast running on the road is boring, but lonely, fast running in the park with o-map is exciting! (even if I know the area of the park). Full speed 8x3' (with 3' brake) was good for: exercise of speed up in short time after the start (I always have problem with this thing on the sprint competition) and changing speed during the race (reading the map-middle speed; only running-full speed).

In April I did 32hour of training . In this running 19h, orienteering 8h and other activities 5h.

wtorek, 21 kwietnia 2009

Men with the gun can’t count!

On Friday I took part in Elitserien sprint. I had a nice speed, but missed to much (30” on 5th point and 15” on 7th). In the 8th point caught me the winner Andrei Hramov (Hiisirasti).

foto from

Than GREAT and BIG 10mila! I ran first leg (you can see in the left lower corner of picture, how I almost fell down). Runners were standing on the field in front of their maps, speaker sad "15 seconds to the start", and after 3 seconds, we can hear starting shot! Good I was keeping my map in hand, otherwise people from my back couldn’t give a chance to take it. I suppose some of runners had this kind of situation and they are very angry for a men with the gun. I finished 8th 50” after first Gernot Kerschbaumer (Helsingin Suunnist.). In OK Orion nine runners had a very good races, but one missed and we were 12th. Congratulations OK Kristiansand!

poniedziałek, 13 kwietnia 2009

Who let the dogs out?

Todays Elitserien final was like a dog race. In 3'20" to the forest went 40 runners (normally on middle distance should go 3,5 person). I was feeling great in it and finished on the 7th possition. Mikhail Mamleev was 4th, Olexandr Kratov 6th, so it was really good day for OK Orion.

niedziela, 12 kwietnia 2009

40 from 237

Elitserien: if we have 237 runners and 40 get to the final, it have to be tight.  You lost 3'21" to the winner and you are out. Marcin Richert lost 3'20" and he is in (on 40th place:). I had a nice race (2'28" after winner) , but without William Lind it could be hard. Tommorow is a chasing start and I like it.


sobota, 11 kwietnia 2009

Swedish Lighthouses

Today I ran Hassleholms classic. I took it with 3/4 of the power. I want to be really ready  tommorow. All the runners had the same, rest idea, so I could be second. As a price I got a book about Swedish Lighthouses, great!?...

results soon

piątek, 10 kwietnia 2009


I came to Sweden for 11 days and 6 start. First was 7-manna. I took first leg and came 7th, 31" after first Fredrik Johansson (IFK Lidingös). Big suprise did Paweł Tadejewski (Polish Junior? Team 2) - he came 17" before me -congratulations! OK Orion went very good and after seven legs we finished on 3place:) 


poniedziałek, 6 kwietnia 2009


First time in my live I’ve been in Norway for orienteering reason.

Polish Team -> Halden SK.

Then we went to Spring Cup and there luckily we didn’t see snow.

good for skiing

hot lake

white shit

narrow road



In March I did 31hour of training . In this running 8h, orienteering 17h and other activities 6h.   I was ill. Nine, long, sad days in bed.I lost 3kg.

The end of February I spent in Portugal with my new friends from Grupo Desportivo 4Caminhos. This orienteering club is like big family. I did there great work, far away from snow.



like in summer