niedziela, 26 grudnia 2010

the rest you had to imagine

Before Christmas I did a O-training in a gym for Slask Wroclaw runners. There where two sprint races (interval and handicap start). The course has less than 200m. On the map was ONLY the course, the rest you had to imagine.

środa, 15 grudnia 2010

Wroclaw Night-O Fight

I don’t like to fix holes, so on this 2,5 mounths gap on my blog I just put maps from this period.

Yesterday, as last winter, we started with Wroclaw Night O-Fight. This time it will be 5 races in the city area. Everywhere you can get by bus or tram. Just finish your job and join us. Start is always in Tuesday’s evening at 18.45.

This time it was a scorelauf race (mass start) with some mandatory legs. The park was small and easy, but 10-15cm of snow made it more difficult. It was hard to see the paths and controls (very small flags size). It was nice to see 77 person on the start, 20 more than last year.

czwartek, 30 września 2010

Yes, I've got my shape, but it was not enough for Dwojak and his Autumn performance. He beat me on Polish Championships night-O, by 4'. This race I was running with little energy sever - I muster power next distance.
On sunday PC long, I had a very good race and .... won Dwojak (1'25" before me). Grrr... I need revenge. Maybe on Word Cup in France!

czwartek, 23 września 2010

Is it possible?

After CISM I had a short brake: 1,5 week of relax training. Then I started to train strong, and after 2 weeks I'm ill. That's typical for me: my body is in good shape and I train a lot. My body says : take a brake. I say: quiet, speed up, go go. And then I'm ill. Illness is my natural training brake. After 6 days of sore throat, I lost 1kg and my shape. In next 6days I'm expecting to be back in 90% of my top shape. Is it possible?

piątek, 20 sierpnia 2010

I love relay

Long distance wasn't so good for me as I planed. Of course I'm still very satisfied with 5th place, but my race could be better. Good that Thierry caught me on the 14th control and help to speed up my race. results

On the relay I was in excellent shape. It's a nice feeling when see someone before you, than you are with him, before him and after 2' you are looking for next plunder.I love relay:) results

Big congratulation for Polish Ladies Team for great bronze medal iiiiihhhhaaaaa...

środa, 18 sierpnia 2010

Still second

After not so good relay on the WOC (men and women 14th), Polish Team went straight to Kongsberg to take part in World Military Orienteering Championship. Yesterday was a middle distance. I had an excellent race and was 2nd! (24'31”).Terrain here is easier than in Trondheim, you can run with higher speed, so it fit me well. The winner was Thierry Gueorgiou FRA (23'29”), third Andreas Kyburz SUI(25'03”). more results
My last important medal was on JWOC 2002: silver. Eigth years in elit class, five in military...

sobota, 14 sierpnia 2010

Pessimism race

From the second control everything went a little bit bad. Missing controls 2,3,6 made me angry. Than Marcus Maillegard caught me and helped me in making a good race (8-12th control; I ran after him with average distance of 21 meters?!). On the butterfly I did a next boom (50”): I lost Marcus and Pavlo Ushkvarok. I've reached spectator control alone. I was tired and angry. I thought my place is approximately 35th. I was 12th (still didn't know about it), so it was the race of my life! The last loop was really slow and I did a 3' mistake on 25th. My mind was broken.

I finished on the 18th place. It is my best place in the long distance.

Today during the breakfast I met an organizer, a guy who was staying at the 25th control during the long distance final. He remembered me. At first he heard a loud “ K...wa”, than twice I was close to the control, but still to far to see it. I spent there 3' -grrrr...

Here is one of the greatest analyzes of a gps race.

My map you can see here:

środa, 11 sierpnia 2010

Still in the long game

photo by

The race was nice. I feel terrain good, but I still can't find my best flow.

Around the second control I could see many white papers from emit. I try to punch and don't lose my paper. Of course I lost it. For 20" I was trying to find my paper. I check at least 15, but not my. Grrr... emit emit...

I can't wait the final match.

poniedziałek, 9 sierpnia 2010


I have new PB. In today's race I lost on the finish line 57” to the winner on World Champs (21place). Last year on WOC sprint it was 1'18” (14place), two years ago 1'26” (26place). I don't know what give me that, but I just trying to find some good thing in my little place disappointing.

Technical my race was good. I took mostly better route choices (except first two controls, where I lost 20”). But where was the afternoon flow? Left me so easy after morning race....

Congratulation for Hania (19place), Monika (39), and … OK, for Wojtas also (42).

See you on long

wtorek, 15 czerwca 2010

Polish Champs 2010

Last weekend we had a Polish Champs. It was funny, because sometimes not everything depends on you. The sprint distance I really messed up (4th place).Twice I took bad road choice!(see the map with medalists choice and my-brown color). I also lost some time on the 20th control, because some smart person put a point with flag, deep in the hedge. It was possible to see only sportident box from the top.
On the middle distance (2nd place)I was motivated and concentrated, but I still couldn't feel the map. Most of time I lost on the 16th control. At the end of the race I was sure, I'm out of medal position, but this is Poland and it's possible that someone can miss more than you.
Slask Wroclaw (Dwojak,Jasinski,Kowalski) won the relay second time in a row. I had a great race with 10" of mistakes (I don't know how I did it on this map). It was possible thanks to Dwojak's advices: attack 14th control much more to the right; to the 4th run to high and to far; great...

piątek, 28 maja 2010

Cheap music with high flow

When all the national teams are in Bulgaria on EOC, Polish Military team is in Kongsberg. We train in Norwegian terrain to WOC and Military WOC.
Why we didn’t go to EOC? … money. We had a choice: take part in WOC and EOC without any preparation, or be well prepared and take part in WOC.
Last weekend we took part in Pinselopet . It was fun. Maps from second and third day below. Now listening a song, which is my hit for this week and see some maps from our trainings.

środa, 14 kwietnia 2010

Twice out of Poland

Today I went with Kostya, Wojtas and Roman to the Polish/Czech border to train orienteering. It's just 100km from Wroclaw. That is not so far, if you are 100% sure that map is good (Czech map maker). Wojtas planned for us a nice course (8x mass start in three person). Two times we were out of Poland.

niedziela, 11 kwietnia 2010

Am I red or green?

Saturday, with my club Slask Wroclaw, I spend in Czech Republic. It was a small competition, 2&3 part of Východočesky Pohár. There was two races middle and sprint. You can watch sprint race here cz_sprint.kmz (open it through Google Earth). Am I red or green line?

sobota, 27 marca 2010

losing is a lesson of winning

The plan for Friday was to get from Wroclaw to the night relays on Spring Cup (830km), but on the German highway we had a problem with a car and we spend some time sitting on the roadside.
Of course we were late for night relay.
The classic day was good for me. I had a nice, individual race to the 22nd control, than caught me Daniel Hubmann. He was first 59'51", I was second 61'56", third Baptiste Rollier 62'09".
The relay was even better. Daniel, Olexandr, Mikhail did a great job and I could start first on 4th leg. From the start I was concentrated on my own race - never look back. On the spectator control, in the half of the course, I've heard that Kristiansand is 1' after me. It is not much time when Daniel Hubmann is on the course. He caught me on 24th. I didn't know if I should start my finish 1km before finish line. Now I know. Orion took 2nd place. It was really good race.

Nybro power nr.1!
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