piątek, 10 października 2008

CISM goal

2x/// (photo by banan)

Couple of days before Word Military Orienteering Championship, we came to Lithuania for short technical sport camp. Good that we did it, becouse terrain here is hard: not so good runability, you always have to avoid something - complicated to keep direction, a lot of small hills/depresions.
On the middle race I was crashed, mostly by illness (last two days I spent in bed with short breaks for trainings and meals). But Polish team didin't disappointed: Dwojak 11th, Banach 23th.
One day later (classic distance) I felt almost very good. I have a smart race with good speed. The gap between Therry 72'29" and me 78'10" is small, just 5'41". I've never been so close on classic race. 9th place is great. Dwojak 12th, Banach 19th.
The relay race, as always in nowadays, was very tight. My team (1.Dwojak, 2.Banach, 3.Kowalski) did a good job and it was enough for 9th place. Won Russia.
Russia dominated this championships . During price giving ceremony, only one time, we heard France national anthem, the rest was Russian, Russian, Russian…

piątek, 29 sierpnia 2008


Romania, 1950m

Orienteering in Romania: 2 competition and 2 trainings. Fun: quads, tenis. I had also mountain trip. Before that, woman in information office told me: wacht aut on bears, don't go there alone. I thought: ye ye talking for tourist... but we meet a bear, happily we were still in the bus. Than on 1950m above see level we saw athletics track. Romania is surprising.

Now I'm here (Silvaplana). It's divinely.


sobota, 23 sierpnia 2008

1 + 3

I left home for 28 days. One week in Romania on military competition, than three in Switzerland on sport camp. Romania is hot (weather) and sweet (fruits).


big fruits

garbage forest (photo by Wozik)

important military competition (photo by Wozik)

sobota, 16 sierpnia 2008

Training holiday in Stutthof

WOC relay

Better later, than never:
The relay was great. The courses were not so easy, but on each leg there was tight fight between top runners. Men British Team was first. It was nice to see them on the top –usually I could see there Russia or Sweden.
Poland took 12th place: 1. Dwojak 21 (4’43” after first), 2.Banach 14 (5’19”), 3.Kowalski 12 (10’19”) and I’m satisfied of that result. My race was physically great. I ran with Lukáš Barták and Misha Mamleev. They are really strong for me. Not like in the middle day, when I felt only heavy legs. Technically I lost 1’ on 15th point (green area close to the point, where I did un necessary loop, looks for me like yellow area with green stripes), so quite OK.
Congratulation for the organizers, as I expected, they did really good Champs. Special applause for TV coverage! It’s funny that Czech Republic is so close to Poland and it’s so different.

sobota, 19 lipca 2008

real challenge

Since the middle distance in Kiev I’ve been waiting for the middle in Stara Ves. It took my all energy for preparation. Everything was because the middle WOC will be…
…and I did a lot of good work, but it was hard to see the results of that. 
On the qualification race, I ran very safe. I missed only 1’ on 9th point (I took wrong direction and there was one, big root stock more!). From 13th I ran with Anders Nordberg, he started 2’ behind me. All the race my legs were stiff, I breathed very hard, was tired (I don’t know after what?), and ran slow, but the aim of this race was done. I qualified from 11th place. 
4,5 hour later final race has started. I took a look on the map and my smile grew up: this was real challenge. In the first part of the course (the challenge) I tried to run less and think twice. I lost only 1’ on the 9th point (in my opinion the point was in strange place, but I’m going to check it this year). To the second radio control (12th point) I did a great race and lost almost 3’40” to Thierry. Second part of the course was much easier (but still not easy). On 14th point I did 1’ mistake and some smaller on 18th 20” (from 17 I started to run like on 18-19). On all afternoon race I felt not so good physically, the same as in the morning. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it wasn’t my day. I hope this day will come this century.

poniedziałek, 14 lipca 2008

You have to watch it!

WOC has started. On sprint qualification the course was very easy and because of that running speed was crucial. I finished 11th in the heat A( 11” and would be out of the final). It looks tight, but in sprint distance everywhere is tight. 
Final race was much more interesting. There were couple of legs with different road choices ( points 1,5,8,10,11,14,15 ). I started like a lazy snail. I lost 22” to the first point and I did no mistake. I didn’t plan to win this leg, but 22” was definitely too much. Next legs from 1-14 snail went with a decent speed. From 14th I’ve turned on my rocket engine. All the course I’ve taken good road choices, except 14th, where I took right, but I should run from the left side. I finished on 26th place, 1’26 behind the extremely strong winner Andrey Khramov. I’m 50% satisfied, as always it could be better.
On Česká Televize 4 you can see transmission (67’) from the final race. You have to see it! If you can’t watch it in Opera web browser, try with Explorer or Firefox.

wtorek, 17 czerwca 2008

Finnish course planers are the best

Jukola was and still is the best relay for me. Not only because starts there more teams, but also because the course planner can do more interesting "individual" relay. This is the relay where you really have to think by your self. Here you can find some point with a group of runners and be sure that if this one is not yours, yours is more than 100m (10mia:(.
Orion was 27th. It's not so bad- relay was tuff. I'm happy with my race. Hard Finnish forest and I could find my place there. In 85'34” I can run 14km and lost only 5'46” to the best guys. Yes, this guys that take medals on WOC, EOC, WC.
You can see my route choices here. First choose leg (7th) than choose *runners (those with * wrote their route choices).
You can find more fun here. GPS tracks of the best runners

wtorek, 10 czerwca 2008


Relay Polish Championchips won Flota Gdynia (grrrr...) /Grabowski, Nowak, Richert/. Śląsk Wrocław were second /Sokalski, Dwojak, Kowalski/. Competition was good, (not great - sprint, not heavenly - middle), just good.

sobota, 7 czerwca 2008

Polish middle like in Czech

Great terrain and great map. This was real Czech middle distance. This kind of race is rare in Poland. We are used to easy reces and this time we got something difficult. The winner made about 5' mistake. I was second with 7,5'. Third runner did about 8,5'. It means the best men don't know how to use their physical power in hard terrain. To learn that, we need years, but Word Champs are in 5 weeks...
results from Polish Champs

piątek, 6 czerwca 2008

Have I punched it or not?!

Polish Champs in sprint distance were in Wroclaw ZOO. Because there were so many people, I felt like on PWT or WC. Probably they didin't know what we were doing there and what it's orienteering. They just came to see the animals.
I was the fastest on this competition (39" better than the winner), BUT:) after the finish I realized that I don't have 13th point! I must have been very tired at that moment of the course - I don't remember I punched it or not. Girl that was looking after the point is sure I punched it. How it was real? I will never know.

wtorek, 3 czerwca 2008

EOC relay

Polish Team was 24th (18'35" after Russia). This race we don't add to good races. I'm little happy, because we had a chance to run in strange tarrain - 70% of the corse was on the sand (dunes, desert).

wtorek, 13 maja 2008

hot Poland

It was my first competition in Poland this year. I went 500km to north, to Gdynia and what was there? The same as at home: great weather like in hot summer. Unfortunately seawater is still very cold - it wasn't easy to take a bath.

czwartek, 8 maja 2008

Greetings from Wrocław

This picture was done during the competition Euro-Orienteering 2006 in Lądek Zdrój. There I met my first, personal fun club. Till now only one, but the best!

poniedziałek, 5 maja 2008

Welcome to Vizovice

What's interesting in Vizovice? Nothing special, except tasty icecream in the vilige center and big areas of Czech forest. I trained a lot with Polish Team group. After 4days, I have enought of steep mountains. I'm comming back home to Wrocław. There is flat everywhere.