poniedziałek, 14 lipca 2008

You have to watch it!

WOC has started. On sprint qualification the course was very easy and because of that running speed was crucial. I finished 11th in the heat A( 11” and would be out of the final). It looks tight, but in sprint distance everywhere is tight. 
Final race was much more interesting. There were couple of legs with different road choices ( points 1,5,8,10,11,14,15 ). I started like a lazy snail. I lost 22” to the first point and I did no mistake. I didn’t plan to win this leg, but 22” was definitely too much. Next legs from 1-14 snail went with a decent speed. From 14th I’ve turned on my rocket engine. All the course I’ve taken good road choices, except 14th, where I took right, but I should run from the left side. I finished on 26th place, 1’26 behind the extremely strong winner Andrey Khramov. I’m 50% satisfied, as always it could be better.
On Česká Televize 4 you can see transmission (67’) from the final race. You have to see it! If you can’t watch it in Opera web browser, try with Explorer or Firefox.

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