sobota, 16 sierpnia 2008

WOC relay

Better later, than never:
The relay was great. The courses were not so easy, but on each leg there was tight fight between top runners. Men British Team was first. It was nice to see them on the top –usually I could see there Russia or Sweden.
Poland took 12th place: 1. Dwojak 21 (4’43” after first), 2.Banach 14 (5’19”), 3.Kowalski 12 (10’19”) and I’m satisfied of that result. My race was physically great. I ran with Lukáš Barták and Misha Mamleev. They are really strong for me. Not like in the middle day, when I felt only heavy legs. Technically I lost 1’ on 15th point (green area close to the point, where I did un necessary loop, looks for me like yellow area with green stripes), so quite OK.
Congratulation for the organizers, as I expected, they did really good Champs. Special applause for TV coverage! It’s funny that Czech Republic is so close to Poland and it’s so different.

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