czwartek, 27 sierpnia 2009

Polska and WOC

sprint team

Sprint was a great day for Polish Team. On qualification all our runners (three boys, one girl) got to the final. In final race I was 14th, Dwojak 22th and our young girl Hania was 34th. Those are real good results.


Relay went unusual. Dwojak on the first leg had great race (came six), then Banach lost a little, but then I had good race and on the spectator control I heard we could be six. I counted on my fingers how many teams were before us and I counted around nine. After finish they told me we are six and explain why. First time I get a diploma on WOC (6th place).

first time

Long Final was too long for me (29th place). After control 22nd I lost my power. The good thing is that to control 22 (3/4 of the course) I had alone race with great speed and technique. This gave me good feeling for future.

relay team

Through all WOC days we had wonderful fans from Poland. First time I felt, that someone real love us. It’s much easier to give 110% of power, if you hear Polska! Polska! Polska!

real fans

maps you can see here (by RouteGadget)

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podzio pisze...

ostatnie zdjecie jest zajebiste;) az sie lezka w oku kreci, taka byla atmosfera:) gratulacje!

Wojciech Kowalski pisze...

atmosfera byla, kibice byli, wyniki byly: all in one:)