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Eestii forest

the highest Estonian point 318m

CISM is always fun. You go to some country as a soldier. You stay in a military unit and see strategical places, that normally are hidden. Estonia is a small country (1/40 of Polish population) but their military units doesn’t remember Soviet times, Polish still remember.

On long distance my brain wasn’t in the top shape. I made mistake on 1’20” on the 5th control. There caught me Matthias Merz on 2’. Then I could use 75% of my brain and 100% of my legs. On the way to 24th control we went straight (two hilly, two green), we should go around from the right and be 1’45” earlier on the finish. Matthias was bronze medalist (80’47”) in this race. I was 2’ after him on 10th place. The BIG winner was Daniel Hubmann 76’19”. Francois Gonon got silver 80’02”.

one more time /photo by www.mil.ee/
Two days later on THE REAL middle distance my brain and legs were better co-ordinated. Running only by myself I reached 12th position. Without mistakes (1’40”) I could be 4th. Yes, I know: “could”, but this is step up for me. I CAN PLAY IN EXTRA LIGE sometimes :)

Banach heh /photo by www.mil.ee/
Relay were in the same terrain as middle. It wasn’t easy. Swiss, Russia, Finland were on the top. Poland took 7th place. I had, one more time, very good race and a nice fight with Andrey Khramov at the end of a race.

all /photo by www.mill.ee/

Banquet : O my God! It was delicious. Greetings for all the crazy dancing team ;P


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