sobota, 27 marca 2010

losing is a lesson of winning

The plan for Friday was to get from Wroclaw to the night relays on Spring Cup (830km), but on the German highway we had a problem with a car and we spend some time sitting on the roadside.
Of course we were late for night relay.
The classic day was good for me. I had a nice, individual race to the 22nd control, than caught me Daniel Hubmann. He was first 59'51", I was second 61'56", third Baptiste Rollier 62'09".
The relay was even better. Daniel, Olexandr, Mikhail did a great job and I could start first on 4th leg. From the start I was concentrated on my own race - never look back. On the spectator control, in the half of the course, I've heard that Kristiansand is 1' after me. It is not much time when Daniel Hubmann is on the course. He caught me on 24th. I didn't know if I should start my finish 1km before finish line. Now I know. Orion took 2nd place. It was really good race.

Nybro power nr.1!
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