wtorek, 15 czerwca 2010

Polish Champs 2010

Last weekend we had a Polish Champs. It was funny, because sometimes not everything depends on you. The sprint distance I really messed up (4th place).Twice I took bad road choice!(see the map with medalists choice and my-brown color). I also lost some time on the 20th control, because some smart person put a point with flag, deep in the hedge. It was possible to see only sportident box from the top.
On the middle distance (2nd place)I was motivated and concentrated, but I still couldn't feel the map. Most of time I lost on the 16th control. At the end of the race I was sure, I'm out of medal position, but this is Poland and it's possible that someone can miss more than you.
Slask Wroclaw (Dwojak,Jasinski,Kowalski) won the relay second time in a row. I had a great race with 10" of mistakes (I don't know how I did it on this map). It was possible thanks to Dwojak's advices: attack 14th control much more to the right; to the 4th run to high and to far; great...

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