sobota, 14 sierpnia 2010

Pessimism race

From the second control everything went a little bit bad. Missing controls 2,3,6 made me angry. Than Marcus Maillegard caught me and helped me in making a good race (8-12th control; I ran after him with average distance of 21 meters?!). On the butterfly I did a next boom (50”): I lost Marcus and Pavlo Ushkvarok. I've reached spectator control alone. I was tired and angry. I thought my place is approximately 35th. I was 12th (still didn't know about it), so it was the race of my life! The last loop was really slow and I did a 3' mistake on 25th. My mind was broken.

I finished on the 18th place. It is my best place in the long distance.

Today during the breakfast I met an organizer, a guy who was staying at the 25th control during the long distance final. He remembered me. At first he heard a loud “ K...wa”, than twice I was close to the control, but still to far to see it. I spent there 3' -grrrr...

Here is one of the greatest analyzes of a gps race.

My map you can see here:

2 komentarze:

Anonimowy pisze...

Great! ;) I was crossing fingers for you!!congratulations. this races shows you that a place in the podium isn't impossible. remember...impossible is nothing ;)maria

Wojciech Kowalski pisze...

the biggest brake is in my head. there is everything. see you in winter:)