czwartek, 3 kwietnia 2008

Spring Cup 2008

  As you can see, sometimes I’m going to write in English. I hope that because of this, the site will be visited by twice more visitors, let’s say: not four, but eight. NIGHT - I treated this run as a training. After twelve hours which I spent in a car, it’s hard to ask for more from myself. But I ran, because every night training is very valuable for the Polish competitor. CLASSIC - I am very satisfied with myself. I was aware what I was doing in the forest (deliberate and clever run). I didn't manage to slow down only before point 21 and one minute said bye, bye... RELAY - The team was great. Except me . Dwojak, Richert and Włodarczyk ran very well, all the time holding close to the top. I spoiled at the butterfly. On its longest branch I started to run in the opposite direction. I have no idea how I could miss the digit by the point. I knew that the butterfly required thinking and I did. About 500m in front of the butterfly, I spent few moments for the studying how I should run it. That time I had to look wrong. It’s a pity that by something like that I spoiled our whole relay race, because the rest of the course I went as the storm.

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