piątek, 10 października 2008

CISM goal

2x/// (photo by banan)

Couple of days before Word Military Orienteering Championship, we came to Lithuania for short technical sport camp. Good that we did it, becouse terrain here is hard: not so good runability, you always have to avoid something - complicated to keep direction, a lot of small hills/depresions.
On the middle race I was crashed, mostly by illness (last two days I spent in bed with short breaks for trainings and meals). But Polish team didin't disappointed: Dwojak 11th, Banach 23th.
One day later (classic distance) I felt almost very good. I have a smart race with good speed. The gap between Therry 72'29" and me 78'10" is small, just 5'41". I've never been so close on classic race. 9th place is great. Dwojak 12th, Banach 19th.
The relay race, as always in nowadays, was very tight. My team (1.Dwojak, 2.Banach, 3.Kowalski) did a good job and it was enough for 9th place. Won Russia.
Russia dominated this championships . During price giving ceremony, only one time, we heard France national anthem, the rest was Russian, Russian, Russian…

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gratulacje, świetny występ na klasyku! Oby tak dalej na WOC 2009! Pozdrawiam