wtorek, 21 kwietnia 2009

Men with the gun can’t count!

On Friday I took part in Elitserien sprint. I had a nice speed, but missed to much (30” on 5th point and 15” on 7th). In the 8th point caught me the winner Andrei Hramov (Hiisirasti).

foto from foton.springolle.se/10mila2009/

Than GREAT and BIG 10mila! I ran first leg (you can see in the left lower corner of picture, how I almost fell down). Runners were standing on the field in front of their maps, speaker sad "15 seconds to the start", and after 3 seconds, we can hear starting shot! Good I was keeping my map in hand, otherwise people from my back couldn’t give a chance to take it. I suppose some of runners had this kind of situation and they are very angry for a men with the gun. I finished 8th 50” after first Gernot Kerschbaumer (Helsingin Suunnist.). In OK Orion nine runners had a very good races, but one missed and we were 12th. Congratulations OK Kristiansand!

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