poniedziałek, 8 czerwca 2009

around Miskolc

I spend with Polish Team six days around Miskolc. We did couple of interesting trainings (you can see it below). During two, hard days I did 46 km in the forest. Thanks to Czech Team for opportunity to take part in their WOC qualification race to classic distance. The course had 16,3km. In real I did 21,3km and I was missing a lot. Better now than during WOC. You can see Google Earth replay of the relay race. There are four runners from Polish Team. They’re running on different legs and teams: Maciek Grabowski/green dot, Wojtek Kowalski/red, Alek Bernaciak /blue, Mateusz Wensław/purple. You only need to click on H-relay.kmz and open it by Google Earth.

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