piątek, 26 czerwca 2009

Polish Champs

… were quite nice. On the SPRINT distance map and terrain were good, but the course planner didn’t remember about different rout choice, what is one of the main things on sprint.

MIDDLE distance was OK, sometimes too easy. The speed was decisive in the race. But I want other challenge: technique. So I go abroad to WC in Salo or to WC in Oslo. This are real orienteering lessons!

CLASSIC race was very interesting! Big congratulation for organizers. They didn’t afraid to do a course for 89’ (15,5km) for a winner. For me it’s normal, but for Polish reality not. You can see replay (.kmz open in Google Earth) from this race here now or will be there soon.

On first two races I had no mistake:) than on classic I did 2’. During whole weekend I was able to keep good speed. Good, mean enough for polish O-level. Generally I’m in a small physical hole. I know it’s good for me, because top will come on August/September.

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