czwartek, 25 lutego 2010

What I could do better in February?

… go to Portugal for longer period. 10 days, 7 races, 7 trainings in space without snow. My shape wasn’t incredible, but I had good connection between running and thinking. In two races (POM day3 and NAOM sprint) I lost this control. In the rest of fife races I did a good job, especially in two WRE races (POM day2 and NAOM classic), and in my best race NAOM middle, where I was fast and had totally clear race! What a feeling. I will keep it in my mind.

Results POM and NAOM

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Radu pisze...

Hei Kovaa...i`m home was shitty in Spain!I have some photo for you but i will send it on e-mail. Greets mate!