piątek, 12 lutego 2010

The whole January I’ve spent in Wroclaw. It’s not typical situation for me as a polish runner and member of Polish Team, Polish Military team. Normally, in winter we have sport camp, after sport camp and then some sport camp (of course 99% of work we do there is running, the rest is orienteering 1%). I didn’t waste my time in Wroclaw. I was training hardly (January 48h). I was lucky because of snow. It was good condition for skiing and what was more important for me, I could do a lot of tough running in deep snow. It was great simulation of running in mountains in completely flat area. In first part of February I went to polish mountains on short sport camp. There I got an idea: snow labyrinth. We realized it, with my friend Wojtek, after one hour of digging. You can wach it in full HD:

Snow Orienteering Labirynth from Wojtek Dwojak

For full HD quality watch here Vimeo.

Now I’m sitting on London airport. Soon (in 7h) I have a plane to Portugal. With my O-friends from club Grupo Desportivo Quatro Caminhos, I will forget about snow, -10 degrees and start to train my real sport ORIENTEERING, because this winter I was only a runner.

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